CD Global Tambor

songs in percussion

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It was the pandemic situation that helped me to make the decision to record this CD, searching for possibilities to stay creative in a rather isolated environment.

During ten songs in percussion, you will be guided by the global tambor through this musical journey. The global tambor stands for the endless diversity of world percussion and its cultural contexts.

Rhythm and melody, represented by drums and voice, are the two essential elements in music. Rhythm to ground, unite and heal, to connect with the universe and the spirits. Melody is painted onto this foundation, tones woven into harmonies, colouring and enriching the listeners’ experience.

A storytelling in different languages and yet connected by the sound of the global tambor.

My gratitude goes to my musician friends who helped me to create this journey by contributing with their voices and instruments.

Thank you so much for making this possible!

Now I wish you - the listener - a pleasant trip with the global tambor, the songs in percussion! 

The Musicians on Global Tambor


1. O Pescador (Marcia Bittencourt / Matthias Haffner)

2. My Favorite Things (Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein II, arr. Matthias Haffner)

3. Bara Suayo / Brinca Boi (traditional, arr. Matthias Haffner)

4. Milagreiro (Djavan, arr. Matthias Haffner)

5. Longa Riad (Riad Al-Sunbati, arr. Matthias Haffner)

6. I Get Along Without You (Hoagy Carmichael, arr. Matthias Haffner)

7. Argumento (Paulinho da Viola, arr. Anders Perander / Matthias Haffner)

8. Wie Ein Fluss (Foi Um Rio) (Paulinho da Viola / Matthias Haffner arr. & lyrics)

9. Duas Horas Da Manha (Nelson Cavaquinho)

10. Invación Suaba (Matthias Haffner, dedicated to Daniel Ponce)


Matthias Haffner (DE):

Lead (2,3,6,7,8,9,10)

Backing (1,3,4,7,8,10)

Marcia Bittencourt (BR):

Lead (1), Backing (8)

Erminia Cordoba (ES):

Lead (4)

Kateryna Ostrovska (RUS):

Backing (8)

Isadora Kohatsu (BR):

Backing (7)

Winds / Brass:

Valentina Bellanova (IT):

Ney, flutes (4,5)

Remko de Landmeter (NL):

Bansuri (6)

Andy Hunter (USA/DE):

Trombone, conch shells (1)


Matthias Haffner (DE)

all tracks

Pandeiro de couro, pandeiro de Nylon, pandeiro de ganza, mizhar, bendir, frame drum, riq, tamburello, marimbula, kalimba, sansula,

tambor da onça, cuíca, conga, quinto, salidor, katá, chekere, ganza, surdos, snare drum, caixa, repinique, charuto, chocalho, tamborim, agogo de quatro, gongue, clave, frigideira, qarqaba,

effect percussion.

Mix & Master:

Chris Fehre at the Latin Lab Studio, Köln (DE)

Cover Art:

Linhuei Chen (TWN/NL)

Booklet design & all photos:

Matthias Haffner (DE)


Carlos Corona (MEX): 

acc. guitar (9)

Hartmut Preyer (DE): 

7-string guitar (8)

Arturo Ramon (ES/NL):

Flamenco guitar (4)

Marijn van der Linden (NL):

Cavaquinho (7,8)

Anders Perander (FIN):

Cavaquinho (7)

Eudinho Soares (BR):

Cavaquinho (5)

Wassim Mukdad (SYR):

Oud (4,5)

Laura Valenzuela (VEN):

Violine, viola (10)

Andrea Medina (VEN):

Cello (10)

Ricardo Puche (VEN):

Double bass (10)